Bonnie Lundblad

Spin Instructor

I love for spinning began about 20 years ago when a friend gave me a gift of 3 spin classes. By ride #2 I was hooked! After 3 years of spending lots of time on a bike, I took the plunge and became an instructor. The Mind/Body connection has taught me I can achieve anything I want, perseverance is the key!! Over the years, my teaching style has evolved, but one thing remains constant. My goal is to inspire every rider so they will enjoy riding as much as I do. There's a sense of accomplishment when a tough ride is completed and personal goals are met. In my rides we may run--on a flat or up a hill. Challenge ourselves with a steep hill. Push a steady, quick pace to get close to an anaerobic state. I use a variety of music---from classic rock to current hits. One thing is certain, when we are done, you WILL feel accomplished.

I've lived in NJ for over 30 years, but you can still detect the Michigan accent.

One of my favorite sayings is---Anything worth doing, is worth doing well!!