Vicious prides itself on the high-intensity workouts and muscle building programs but that is not possible to upkeep without proper recovery and core control. We offer three types of formats within our mind and body connection that leads to efficient Recovery.


We offer a variety of yoga classes which include Power Yoga, Restorative, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow. All of which are taught by incredible instructors who truly practice what they preach.

Pilates (Fusion and Mat)

We offer Pilates Fusion classes in the morning, afternoon, and weekends to be able to influence our members with the importance of a stable core and strong balance. Pilates Fusion allows a mix of mat and standing Pilates and also gives freedom to the instructor to customize the class based on the interests of the members.

Barre Fusion

We offer Barre formats that challenge the formats of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on high muscular endurance, increased flexibility, and improved strength all while being low-impact and safe for the joints.


Is this class for beginners?

All levels welcome! To all of our classes. We make sure that no matter if you are new to Spin, Strength or Yoga you are comfortable and welcomed. We love beginners! We will help you succeed!

If you're looking for more one on one attention review our Private Training program to seek personalized practice with one of our Yoga Instructors.

What do I need?

Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat.

Check out our schedule to book your next Recovery class, private training within these formats are available as well.