Megan Seay

Personal Trainer + Spin Instructor

I am so excited to join the Vicious Cycle team! My family and I moved to Medford in 2018 and we love it here. I grew up in Pennsylvania and went to West Chester University where I majored in business. Several years into working in that field, I realized my passion was in the fitness industry where I could work hands on with people and make a tangible difference in their lives. I became a certified personal trainer in 2010 and have since worked with all types of people from beginners, professional athletes, kids and teens, seniors and everyone in between. Since no person is the same, I do my best to tailor every workout to suit the individual. My goal is to get you moving better, overcome inevitable road blocks and see exercise as something that you GET TO do, not HAVE TO do. My strength training classes focus on building strength while increasing mobility and endurance, with an attention to proper form. I also strive to build a fun and caring community to motivate and lift each other up. I look forward to sweating with you soon!